Virgin Hair Types Virgin Hair Types

Virgin Hair Types

Brazilian Hair

Most Popular, known for being very soft, very diverse, durable, thick, easiest to blend, very luxurious, lots of body, natural shine, low to medium luster.


Peruvian Hair

Ultimate multi-purpose hair, very soft and light, coarser then Indian or Brazilian, low to medium luster, blends well with relaxed hair.


Malaysian Hair

Sleek and shiny, low to medium luster, holds curls very well, very dark brown, ends of hair usually lighter in color, blends well with all hair types, does not swell or frizz in humidity, low maintenance.


Mongolian Hair

Mongolian hair is of an Asian origin, thicker hair shaft, not as light weight as some virgin hair, heavier density, maintains a very soft texture.


Indian Hair

Versatile, very fine, light and bouncy, curls and styles easily, moves easily with no added products


Cambodian Hair

Slightly coarse hair, good match with relaxed African American hairs, holds curls well, lots of bounce and body.


Eurasian Hair

Very similar to Brazilian hair, rare hair type, soft, smooth, silky texture.


Filipino Hair

Thicker than Indian, Malaysian, and Brazilian hair. Easy to color and style. Not as fine as Indian hair in texture, silky to medium coarseness, VERY durable.


Burmese Hair

Highly versatile, high luster. Super rare and exotic compared to other origins of hair. Mixture between Indian and Chinese hair, great match for those who have already have somewhat of a coarse hair texture. Highly versatile.



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